April 24, 2023

Satoshi Era Bitcoin Wallet Comes to Life

Satoshi Era Bitcoin Wallet Comes to Life!

We recently reported about a Satoshi Era Bitcoin wallet being made alive after a decade of being inactive. The wallet was believed to have been created during the start of Bitcoin’s inception in 2009. It has since seen a balance increase from from 50 Bitcoin to 54.9.

The wallet was most recently accessed on May 20th, when four (4) transactions totaling 0.00062063 BTC were sent from the wallet.

This news comes as quite a surpirse to many in the crypto-space as wallets that are created during the early days of Bitcoin remain dormant for long periods of time. However, it appears that someone has now unlocked this particular wallet and at least four small transactions have been made in recent days.

This development shows that there are still users interested in holding onto their coins for long periods of time as opposed to regular trading activities commonly seen on other exchanges.

As per data obtained from BlockChair, the wallet was created on February 9th, 2009 and its entire balance was transferred out on March 24th, 2010. It remained inactive for nearly 10 years until today when it was accessed again.

The recent activities involving such an old wallet clearly highlight how people value their digital assets even decades after they were created - something remarkable indeed!

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