April 24, 2023

Google Bard Tries to Gain Coding Assist Edge Over ChatGPT

Google’s BARD Aims to Build Coding Assistance Edge Over OpenAI

Google is trying something extraordinary to stay ahead of OpenAI in the conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) space. It is building a system, called BARD, which can predict how difficult it would be for a computer user to learn a new coding technique by asking questions about the user’s background.

BARD analyzes the user's previous experiences and then builds an AI model that can generate code snippets that match the user’s requirements. This will help the users to learn coding techniques faster and more effectively. The team behind BARD hopes that it will be a useful tool for all levels of computer users.

We believe this could potentially be a big leap forward for improving coding assistance tools, as it would enable users to get personalized help from an AI assistant, tailored to their learning needs. This is something that most existing coding assistance tools do not offer.

The project is being led by Google AI China Center and is expected to become available in 2021. It has already been tested on several datasets and performed well compared to other state-of-the-art AI models.

Currently, OpenAI offers its own conversational AI assistant called “ChatGPT” which can assist with programming tasks. So far, ChatGPT has only been used in experimentation and demos, but it has shown promise as an effective assistant.

It remains to be seen if Google's BARD system can gain any edge over ChatGPT or other existing programming assistance tools in terms of accuracy and usability. Despite this uncertainty, the advancements made by Google makes it clear that they are aiming for the top spot in conversationa AI space.

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