April 24, 2023

Telegram Adds Support to Buy Bitcoin

Telegram Adds Support to Buy Bitcoin

Telegram, the popular messaging platform, has announced the addition of a new feature which will allow its users to buy Bitcoin from within the app. This move has been applauded by cryptocurrency enthusiasts as it will make it easier for millions of Telegram users to purchase cryptocurrencies. We believe this feature is another step forward in mainstreaming the use of cryptocurrencies.

The new feature, dubbed ‘P2P Direct’, will allow users to purchase Bitcoin without leaving the Telegram app itself. Users will be able to take their existing Telegram contacts and search for Bitcoin sellers within their network. Once they find a seller who suits their needs, they can place an order and pay securely using their preferred payment method.

The announcement comes at a time when other messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Signal have also expressed interest in launching similar features to facilitate crypto transactions on their own platforms. We believe this could set off a trend of wider adoption for cryptocurrencies across many popular messaging services.

This is not the first time that Telegram has ventured into crypto-related services. Back in 2019, Telegram launched its own blockchain network called TON (Telegram Open Network), with its native cryptocurrency called GRAM – an incredibly ambitious project that promised significant technological advancements over some existing blockchain networks such as Ethereum.

It is unclear whether or not Telegram intends for this new feature to leverage TON's infrastructure, but it is certain that certain users would be interested in doing so due to TON's powerful toolset. Overall, we are excited about further advances in mainstreaming cryptocurrencies and enabling more people around the world to join the crypto revolution.

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