April 24, 2023

VCs Deny Investing in 3AC Founders' OPNX Exchange

Venture Capitalists Refuse to Invest in 3AC Founder’s Exchange OPNX

We recently came to know that prominent venture capital firms have refused to invest in the exchange of 3AC founder, OPNX. This comes as an unexpected development shortly after the launch of the exchange.

The news has come out that 3AC founder and CEO, Angus J Watson, is the latest addition to the list of high-profile investors who have decided not to invest in his own exchange. He had previously been seen as a key investor for OPNX since it was announced last year.

Watson had been taking on a lot of investments from major venture capital firms in order to make his vision for OPNX become a reality. However, he has now decided not to pursue any further investments due to an undisclosed reason.

OPNX is described as a next generation digital asset exchange and was developed with a view towards making trading easier and more secure. It offers trading services for major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin among others.

The platform was expected to be widely used by institutional investors as it had features like real-time market data feeds and a low-latency order routing system.

Watson had initially thought that he would be able receive financial backing from venture capitalists but this has not turned out to be the case. Despite the setback, Watson is still determined to make OPNX successful.

However, it remains unclear who will invest in OPNX or what other steps Watson will take to make up for the lack of investment from venture capitalists.

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