April 12, 2023

Cremation Coin Burn of 18.69M Terra Luna Classic Total Reaches 53 Billion

LUNC News: Cremation Coin Burn of 18.69 Million Terra Luna Classic Reaches 53 Billion in Total

We have some exciting news to share with you all as the total number of Terra Luna Classic (TLC) tokens have burned a record 18.69 million. This has enabled their total amount to reach 53 billion.

The burn process is completed to get rid of a hefty amount of TLC tokens and hence, reduce the supply levels thereby offering stability and sustainability, and improving the security measures as well.

This is all part of Lunar (LUNC)'s commitment to maintaining long-term value. The burnt tokens are distributed in different accounts which are monitored by the LUNC team.

This coin burn has been in the pipeline for quite some time now and puts an emphasis on their commitment towards maintaining high performance standards for their native token, Terra Luna Classic (TLC).

The LUNC team stated that this is done out of its own pocket, which shows the commitment it holds towards its projects and ensuring security plus reliability for its community.

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