April 6, 2023

Microstrategy Adds 1045 BTC to Bitcoin Holding

Microstrategy Increases Bitcoin Holding By 1045 BTC, Nears 140k Mark

We recently reported that Microstrategy, one of the largest publicly-listed firms, had purchased another 29,646 Bitcoin (BTC) worth ~$650 Million in its 7th acquisition. The company has now added another 1045 BTC to its balance sheet and is now near the 140K mark.

As per the report, Microstrategy now holds 139,817 BTC. The latest purchase was made at an average price of $57,146 per BTC and cost the firm an aggregate purchase price of about $59.6 Million.

Since Aug 2020 when it acquired its first lot of Bitcoin worth about $250 Million, Microstrategy has become one of the major Bitcoin HODLers. It is worth mentioning that from August 2020 to date, the business intelligence firm has spent almost $2 Bn on buying Bitcoin.

Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy recently said:

"With today’s purchase [on Feb 8], we have now purchased a total of 139 817 bitcoins for $2.24 billion at an average price of approximately $15 964 per bitcoin."

This means that MicroStrategy has actually made a lot of money on their investments since they had bought BTC when it was trading at ~$7000 - $10000.

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