April 17, 2023

Terra Classic Community Divided on Key Proposal

Terra Classic Community Divided Over Key Proposal, LUNC Price May Drop

The Terra Classic community has come to an impasse over a key proposal that could lead to a drop in the price of LUNC. The disagreement centers on the size of the block rewards for miners, with some arguing for a reduction in block rewards and others favoring an increase.

At issue is whether the current block rewards should be reduced from 2 million LUNCs per block to 1 million LUNCs per block. Proponents of a reward reduction argue that it would reduce inflation and make mining more profitable. They also claim that such a move would benefit the long-term health of the Terra Classic network.

On the other hand, opponents of reducing rewards argue that it will reduce miner incentives, leading to fewer miners and decreased security for the network. They further contend that a reduction in Block Rewards will lead to an overall decrease in demand for Lunis, causing its price to fall.

As of now, no consensus has been reached on this contentious issue, and it remains unclear how this debate will be resolved. Until then, investors may want to keep an eye on LUNC in case its price does drop as a result of this ongoing debate.

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