April 13, 2023

Ethereum (ETH) Withdrawn from Shanghai ShapeShift Upgrade

Ethereum Upgrades as Shanghai ShapeShift Exchange Withdraws ETH

We have recently learnt that the reputable Ethereum exchange, Shanghai ShapeShift has decided to withdraw its Ethereum (ETH) wallet due to a planned upgrade. The upgrade is set to take place within the upcoming month.

It has been reported that this decision was taken in order to ensure a smooth and efficient trading experience on the platform. That said, Shanghai ShapeShift will be providing support for all ETH wallets on their exchange.

The security of user's funds is a top priority for the exchange and they have reassured customers that all funds will remain safe during and post the upgrade. Additionally, users who have funds stored in their ETH wallets will still be able to access them after the upgrade.

We understand that Shanghai ShapeShift has taken drastic measures in order to ensure customer satisfaction. They have even planned pre-upgrade testing to check whether all services are functional before they are made live on the platfrom.

At present, majority of users feel excited about this Ethereum (ETH) upgrade as it could result in improved trading experience for everyone involved. The full details regarding this upgradation are yet to be revealed but we will continue covering this story and provide updates as soon as more information is available.

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